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Where we are:
Shimamaki,where we live is on the south-eastern coastline of Hokkaido,along the northern Sea of Japan.We have been at this location since 2016 and it offers perfect environment for growing vegetables.Our farm is located slightly outside the village and up the Tomari-Gawa river valley, towards the beautiful, uninhabited mountain.
We grow tomatoes in greenhouse there.and are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.Instead, we use natural materials such as seawater, kelp and seaweed, and enzymes from fermented yeasts and plants to keep pests away from our crops.

The conditions here in winter are harsh and snowy, and in the summertime we can relax in the sunshine and swim in the sea, which brings us a bounty of delicious fresh seafood. The southeast mountains of Hokkaido are covered in lush forest that provide us with many opportunities to forage for wild edible plants. These mountains are also home to some of the last remaining higuma brown bears, which we occasionally see in
the area. The rivers bring us healing thermal waters, which can be found both naturally by the riverside, and at onsen baths in Shimamaki and neighbouring towns.

This is where we grow our tomatoes, and live together with them. More than anything, we live here with a deep appreciation for nature and what it brings us. We are truly rich for this reason.